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國觀學程新生訓練- Briliant Life at NKUHT NKUHT

This orientation program is for all the ITM freshmen and foreign students. Learning through this course, you can fit into our school faster. In this course, you will learn a lot about this school, the rules, the dormitory, the campus and our department in detail. If you have any questions, please leave message in this bulletin board and we will reply to you ASAP. 此新生訓練課程是為國際觀光全體新生以及外籍生而設計,透過此課程,你能更快融入這間學校。在這個課程裡,你能學到很多有關學校的事,如:校規、宿舍、校園以及此科系。 如果你有任何問題請在公布欄下方留言,我們會盡快回覆你。 Now go to register for this program. After you register, you can star to browse each unit. In each unit, there are videos and quizzes. You will have a lot of fun. Enjoy it ! 現在趕快上網去註冊,註冊後你就可以上去瀏覽每一個主題,每一個主題內有影片與小考,透過影片你一定可以學到很多!
  1. 課程編號

  2. 課程開始

    2017 八月 23
  3. 課程結束

    2017 九月 10
  4. 預期投入